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Waterville Public Library

Waterville Public Library Facts

The library, founded in 1896, benefited in 1902 from the generosity of Andrew Carnegie, whose funding helped the community build the Richardsonian Romanesque building designed by Henry Richardson.

The building has a addition built in 1976.

It is the mission of the Waterville Public Library to provide the best in library services to the Waterville community. It has the largest collection of materials of any public library in Central Maine.

The Library has an outstanding collection of books (fiction and nonfiction) for readers of all ages, graphic novels, audiobooks (on cassette, CD, and available to download), films (DVD and VHS), magazines, newspapers, music CDs, and a fabulous Large Print collection.

In addition, the library has archival material including scrapbooks, yearbooks, photos, diaries, letters and publications spanning 200 years.

For information about activities, visit the library's website: